IPL 2024
IPL 2024

About Zoho Analytics

The IPL live dashboards are powered by Zoho Analytics. 

Zoho Analytics is a modern self-service BI and analytics platform that helps small to large organizations get valuable insights from their business data. It helps them to create and share powerful reports easily in a matter of a few minutes, with zero IT intervention.


Seamlessly integrate and consolidate data from over 250 different sources, including databases, data lakes, cloud business apps, files, feeds, web URLs, and many more. Our data blending capability enables businesses to get a unified view of their data.


Offers a rich suite of more than 50 different visualization types. You can visually analyze your data in compelling and insightful ways. You can manually extract insights or leverage our AI-powered assistant, Zia, to uncover meaningful insights from your data with ease.


Collaborate with your team by sharing reports and dashboards and enable collective analysis and decision-making. Plus, you can share your findings as engaging data stories and provide a clear and compelling narrative that enhances understanding for your audience.

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Zoho Analytics is used by diverse industries and businesses of various sizes for their data analysis and reporting requirements. 

If you'd like to explore additional example dashboards created by our team, you can access our curated sample gallery.

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